Russian philosopher Aleksander Dugin's video lecture at the new world order geometry international conference

29 May 2023 | 12:20 Code : 6707 Main news
“Aleksander Dugin”, a Russian philosopher and thinker, who failed to participate in the new world order geometry international conference participated in this conference by sending a video message
Russian philosopher Aleksander Dugin's video lecture at the new world order geometry international conference

According to the International Relations of Supreme National Defense University (SNDU), “Aleksander Dugin”, a Russian philosopher and thinker, who failed to participate in the new world order geometry international conference participated in this conference by sending a video message of which script is as follows:

Dear colleagues at the New World Order Conference, I greet and salute you. Unfortunately, I cannot attend this conference in person, and I appreciate your inviting me to this conference.

Today, the main problem in the current world order is the transition from a unipolar to a multipolar world. This is the reality of the world we live in. For this reason, we see that the unipolar world that was formed immediately after the collapse of the Soviet Union and the bipolar world that was formed in the last few decades, do not want to leave the arena. The United States of America organizes this system through its institutions.

When Trump came to office, despite all his efforts to consolidate American power and his slogan was “America is first and let's make America great again”, but from the perspective of international relations that allows a multipolar world, it was an unrealistic position. He had a hostile policy against the Islamic world and Iran. It did not bring anything friendly to Russia and even behaved bitterly towards China as well. But in fact, all these policies were a confession themselves, of course, not from the satisfaction of the world's transition to multipolarity.

But the approaches of the Biden administrative and that of the Democrats are indeed a new type of unipolar world strategy and the preservation and continuation of American hegemony. Maintaining this position faces many challenges, including tension, conflict, war, as well as special military operations in Ukraine, which Russia was forced to do under the pressure of globalists. Despite the fact that Russia and China have become a hub of power in the last decade, and despite the fact that the Islamic world has gained more and more independence and authority due to Iran's revolutionary and pioneering policy, and having attracted other Islamic countries and Arab countries to its side in this area, the leaders of the unipolar world are doing their best to maintain their current position. Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Turkey, Pakistan, Indonesia and more and more countries are convinced to base their policy on the multipolar system. It is very important for the Islamic world to present its civilization as a hub of independent and unified power.

Iran has understood this issue for a long time and has been leading the way. Today, this revolutionary line of Ayatollah Khomeini has been proven. I think today no one in the world doubts that he was a political prophet in the field of confronting the unipolar world of the West and American hegemony, and Islam must take steps in this direction. Also, India is increasing its authority more and more and can present its civilization as a power in the multipolar world. So are Latin America and Africa. We are witnessing a growing trend towards multipolarity of the world.

For the time being, two new poles have emerged, apart from the West. Russia and China trying to stabilize their right. Russia is now in a battle to consolidate its authority and stabilize itself as a pole of power. All in all, China is pursuing this goal in a smoother and more careful way. So is India. We are witnessing a great convergence in Islamic civilization among different Islamic countries, between Shiites and Sunnis. We even see this alliance between countries that did not have good relations with each other, such as Iran and Saudi Arabia, having been led to a mutual understanding.

Islamic civilization can show itself as a hub of power in the world. This authority will only be achieved through convergence; through the unity and cooperation of the Shia and Sunni Muslim governments in maintaining the defense of their identity, worldview and traditional values. Russia has also openly declared that it is going to preserve its traditional values, its Eurasian values, its Orthodox Christian values, as a world hub. China is also following their traditional Confucian values. Chinese socialism is a Chinese legacy that follows its way. The Islamic world is also based on its traditional values. Hindus, as well as Africans and South American nations, follow their values, too. That's why we don't only have the term multipolarity in the field of politics, but we also have several separate poles in terms of culture, value and tradition. But the West, with its hegemony, homosexuality policy, artificial intelligence, in the form of health control policies, threatens us all in the field of education. This is the very unipolar policy that is followed by the White House and it tries to maintain the hegemony of the West at the cost of obliterating traditional values that are important to other societies. Orthodox, Islamic, Chinese, Indian, African and Latin American values. In fact, we are facing a political antichrist.

Western civilization, in the form of globalization and postmodern western civilization, creates a challenge for all values, religions, nations and cultures. The importance of the multipolar world, and the end of the multipolar world that Western capitalists are looking for is specified here. In a multipolar world, orthodox values can be different from Islamic values and from the Hindu civilization as well; none of them is a threat to one another. Contrary to the inhumane and aggressive idea of a unipolar world, it is the West that is trying to preserve it, not only in the political arena, but also in the hegemony of economy, culture and values. This is the very unipolar world and the political antichrist.

It will happen if we reach the point of no return in the multipolarity of the world. Today, power has reached a balance. That's why we all have to circle around the idea of a multipolar world, we have to understand each other. This is the way that leads to the multipolar world. In the friendly relationship between Russia and Iran, our unity, our mutual understanding is becoming deeper and more qualitative. This is an example of how we should create the new multipolar world.

Today, we and Iran have well understood how close we are to stand united in this multipolar battle together with China, India, Arab countries, African and South American nations. Not long ago, the first multipolar world conference was held online with the participation of Russia and Abkhazia countries, thinkers and even representatives of Iran. It was surprising that more than 100 participants from 50 to 60 countries participated in this conference, and all of them unanimously declared that the multipolar world will unite them all despite their differences. Let's build a multipolar world to witness the new world order with justice, democracy and real human rights based on friendship, mutual understanding, love and mutual respect for each other's cultures.

Once again, I would like to thank my distinguished colleagues in Iran for inviting me to speak at their conference. Join our common front, and we will join your front. These two fronts will be considered as a common front for a multipolar world, friendship, prosperity, and justice against the political antichrist.

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