President of Supreme National Defense University (SNDU) delivers a speech at the honoring and introduction ceremony of the university officials

10 September 2023 | 11:29 Code : 6788 Main news
President of Supreme National Defense University (SNDU) delivers a speech at the honoring and introduction ceremony of the university officials

According to the International Relations and Communication Center, Dr. Ismail Ahmadi Moghadam, President of the SNDU, in a meeting that was held for honoring and introducing university officials in the Shahid Abshanasan Hall of this university on Saturday, June 10, 2023, commemorated  the memory of Imam Khomeini and all the martyrs of the Islamic Revolution, especially the martyrs of June 5, 1962 (Khordad 15, 1341; Solar Calendar). In explaining the importance of the Islamic Revolution, he listed the most important goal of the Late Imam that was to establish an Islamic government. He continued that before this event, in several periods such as the constitution and during the Safavid era, it was about to  establish an Islamic government, but eventually it failed, because they did not believe in the government at that time, but Imam Khomeini’s main plan was to establish an Islamic government.

Referring to some verse from Surah An-Nisa regarding the return of trust to the right person, Dr. Ahmadi Moghadam stated that the trust referred to in this verse is the return of government and guardianship to the rightful successor of the Imams. Referring to the verse “O you who believe, obey Allah and obey the Messenger and the one in command among you", he said that the intermediary of the entire universe with God is a perfect human being and the ones appointed by God, and for the implementation of Islamic rules, an Islamic government is needed, and the Imam Khomeini revived this issue. The Imam's statements for the formation of the Islamic government were new in the eyes of others, and the government and government thinking had not been formed, but Imam Khomeini had a different interpretation of these issues.

In another part of his speech, he raised the question of whether the government is a static plan and if thinking is static and intellection accepts adaptability, and said that our Shia jurisprudence looks forward and fixes arising problems as well. Islamic and Shia jurisprudence is transformative and transforms human life; therefore, it does not get behind the issues that have arisen and solves them in advance.

He pointed out that Imam Khomeini and hi achievements are being attacked unfairly, while he is oppressed, and we should know that to reach the optimum point, we must pay the costs and make sacrifice.

Dr. Ahmadi Moghadam, then, addressed the important things that had been done in the university during the past year and stated: The most important thing was the preparation of the strategic documents of the university, and for doing so, prerequisite documents were needed, which could be called "expectation documents", "strategic plan" and "SNDU’s Articles of Association". It has been prepared and implemented in the comprehensive plan of the university; although, the construction of and equipping the buildings were not the objective of the university.  But in order to achieve the desired objectives, something must be done including constructing suitable buildings. We have tried to construct and renovate the required buildings in the university without inflicting extra costs on the country. If God wills, it will be accomplished by the end of 2024.

Brigadier general Ahmadi Moghadam, in another part of his speech regarding the characteristics of human resources, professors and researchers needed by the university, stated that professors and researchers must be at a strategic level and maintain and upgrade the university in this regard, to name an example is the “International Conference on New World Order Geometry” which has been held in this university recently. It showed that in addition to using domestic professors, we can also communicate with international professors through webinars and benefit from their knowledge

He also said that in the field of governance and foreign student admission, it was a very difficult task snice dozens of organizations are involved in this issue as well as the rules and regulations of the dispatching countries. But we have reached a point that we are going to receive foreign students from different countries in the new academic year (late September), which shows that this university is a reliable center for foreign students. The output of the School of Governance at the strategic level is the most important issue of this university. Our main task is to train managers at the strategic level so observing rules and discipline must be emphasized.

It should be mentioned that at the end of this ceremony, while praising, honoring and thanking the former officials of the university, the new managers started their management activities by receiving orders.

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